reckage of the Malaysian suite shows a "horrible death" to all passengers .


reckage of the Malaysian suite shows a "horrible death" to all passengers

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared for 6 years en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board.

The reliable research concluded that it maximum probably ended up at the lowest of the southern Indian Ocean, however they have now no longer introduced who they consider is liable for the tragedy.

It became March 8, 2014, a regular day at Kuala Lumpur Airport while the Malaysia Airlines flight took off, and the aircraft took off into the sky as standard with all of the passengers and crew.

But after the MH370's last contact with air traffic control 38 minutes after takeoff, something tragic happens in the world's biggest mystery.


 It was supposed to land in Beijing this afternoon, but it disappeared and only a few traces of a Boeing 777 were found.


 More than three years after the plane disappeared, wreckage began to rise above the Indian Ocean. The search for the missing plane was halted in 2018, but there is still no answer as to what actually happened to Flight MH370.

 As soon as the plane disappeared, conspiracy theories began to appear. Did the pilot deliberately change course in a horrific suicide, or was he kidnapped? Have you been hacked remotely, or landed safely outside the radar you need to track? After several years of disappearance, the wreckage of the ship reveals dire thoughts about what happened to the 239 people aboard a Malaysian aircraft.

 Fragments of the MH370's wings flew off the coast of Tanzania, and analysis of showed that all 239 people on board were drowned in a horrific "deadly dive" at sea. Peter Foley, a safety officer at the Australian Department of Transportation, has confirmed that the flaps are not in the correct position for the aircraft to land. He also claimed that satellite data showed that the plane was accelerating.

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